Cardiff, Bridgend, RCT and more is where you’ll find experienced Dance & Fitness Instructor/Presenter/Choreographer, Tammika and her business Energize.


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    We have a range of dance classes available to help you get fit and have fun. Classes are broken down into easily learnable sections and each section is capable of being delivered at varying levels of effort.

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    Our fitness classes come in various levels of difficulty meaning we can always find something for you! From fat loss to getting toned our classes are fun and friendly.

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    Want to get fitter, faster? Then try out our new Insanity classes. The cardio-based, total-body conditioning programme is based on ‘max interval training’, supposedly a faster way of burning calories.

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    7 Day On-Line Anytime Detox

    Begin the 7 day programme right away as soon as you sign up you gain full access to the shopping lists, meal planners, support tutorials and daily workouts & audios from Rachel Holmes

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    Come and join Natalie Lowe and Ian Waite of ‘Strictly Come Dancing’, the creators of FitSteps® as they take the very best of Ballroom and Latin, mix it with the latest, proven ways to get fit FAST and deliver the most exciting, fun, fabulous fitness experience you’ve ever had.

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    Urban Rebound

    In May 2008 the Urban Rebounding team personally delivered some Urban rebounders to Madonna’s personal trainer ahead of her Live Maidstone performances. Madonna and her dance team use the Urban Rebounder to warm up before performances and as part of her conditioning programme.